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Teaching Strength & Flexibility

Protecting senior athletes and others engaged in an active lifestyle from serious injury

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Protecting and Strengthening Our Clients from Future Injury

How is this program different from other exercise methods?

This system employs a comprehensive body/mind conditioning technique. Using the entire neuro-muscular system to create balance and symmetry in the body, it incorporates finely crafted apparatus with tensioned springs to provide progressive resistance. It stresses form not repetition or weight, which lengthens muscle tissue without the bulking associated with traditional gym equipment.

The studio specializes in sports dance therapy management and uses Pilates as a base, coordinating with physicians, physical therapists, and various health professionals, in order to develop recovery programs following surgery. Court Pilates also relies upon body/mind conditioning using various exercise sequences for breathing, balance and symmetry in the body, developing arm up procedures for core strength, joint mobility, and proprioception (Proprioception involves body position or orientation, and focuses on the cognitive awareness of the body in space, and being able to maintain balance.). Court Pilates can enhance/sustain performance levels of athletes and provide soft tissue acupressure release.

What results can you expect?

Clients gain body control, strength, increased flexibility, and tone within a short period of timer. It also enhances the performance of daily activitiers including the demands of dance and sports. Finally, it energizes the body before or after a long day at work.

Can it alleviate chronic pain?

Yes, by re-educating the muscle motor patterns, we can correct muscle imbalances. It is effective in rehabilitating chronic back, neck, hip, and lower extremity problems.

Who can use this program?

All ages, from teens to senior citizens can benefit. Peter has treated patients in their 90s and over 100. It is also safe for pregnant women and post-partum. We have successfully used this method to treat all types of injuries and joint limitations, whether you are an athlete, a prpfessional dancer, or someone who has sustained an injury and must go through an extensive period of rehabilitation. Peter has worked extensively with orthopedic surgeons, physical therapists, and other professionals as part of a team of specialists who consult on an appropriate program for each patient’s rehabilitation.

How long does a program take?

Our bodies heal at different rates, depending upon the nature and severity of an injury, as well as the body’s ability to adapt to a new routine and therapy. Staying mobile and moving helps you to rebound from an injury quicker.