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Caring for: Athletes, Dancers, Seniors, and Those Who Desire an Active Lifestyle

Protecting and strengthening body awareness

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1. Coaching of dancers and athletes to enable you to safely maintain balance and flexibility during performances or competition, and re-train the body to move in safer, more efficient patterns of motion.
2. Introducing gradual changes in physical activity, for both seniors and those involved in corporate environments, with more sedentary requirements (e.g., sitting in cubicles, desks, meetings, etc.).

3. Body awareness and injury prevention, to learn how to breathe properly and thereby reduce stress; to develop a strong core – the deep abdominal muscles and the muscles closest to the spine for a strong back.

4. Exercise rehabilitation, for those experiencing post surgical issues or chronic issues, who want to maintain range of motion, pilates exercises are performed in reclining or sitting positions, and most are low impact and partially weight bearing. If you have been injured, you may have been incorrectly working a muscle group or joint as a result. If so, pilates can correct the movement pattern.


First, Observation and Analysis: Peter Vaillancourt observes the way you stand and the way you move your body. This helps him to see any range of motion limitations you may have and the specific challenges your body faces. He also reviews medical reports, x-rays, scans, and other evidence that reveals the extent of any damage that your body may have sustained. He then evaluates how you learn so that he can adapt his technique so that it better complements your needs.

The remedy he recommends depends on multiple factors but is unique to you. Peter is a New York State licensed myo-fascial medical massage and Shiatsu massage Pilates for dancers, athletes, seniors, childrentherapist, and may incorporate these techniques into a program that can provide you with sustainable relief and headed in a much better direction.

Next, Diagnosis and Treatment: Professional athletes face a wide variety of sport injuries can include simple sprains and swelling to more complicated ailments, like a torn meniscus, damage to the achilles tendon, weakening of the back, neck, and spine, and more. Dance injuries are common to both professionals and students, affecting the foot/ankle, knee and thigh, the hip, spine, shoulder, and the elbow/wrist/hand areas. Even if you are not a dancer or an athlete, injuries may cause you to be hospitalized, which could cause a chain reaction of events, including weight gain. Employees in corporate environments are subject to longer periods of sitting behind desks or in cubicles. Seniors may only want to maintain muscle tone in order to remain active. You may simply want to strengthen your core, reduce weight, and maintain balance.

Peter has worked with many professional athletes, dancers, seniors, children, and corporate employees in treatment programs designed to address their specific area of injury. Under Peter’s careful supervision – a certified instructor – in either one-on-one or in small group sessions, he can customize a Pilates regime to meet your specific needs and abilities, monitoring movements to ensure correct form for optimum results. The emphasis is on quality of movement, smooth repetitions, and balance, not on strength and perspiration. The result is a much better routine for your body and a better outlook for you.

Finally, Correction and Prevention: Your body reacts to injury in ways that you may not recognize and may cause you to change your pattern of movement because of an injured muscle or tendon. Court Pilates can help any injured muscles and tendons re-acquire their original strength and function as rapidly as their healing allows. It can also help the muscles and tendons that have had to temporarily compensate for the injury, return as swiftly as possible to their original, pre-injury state of balance.

Pilates for dancers, athletes, seniors, children

Pilates for dancers, athletes, seniors, children